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Strahan - a destination to unwind and let your mind take a journey into the past lives of the Piners and Miners, exploring the rugged, the treacherous and unforgiving area that is - the West Coast.
It was here that lives were forged and lives were lost, in some cases, to put food on the table or for those more fortunate or more enterprising, which ever the case may be - Wealth.

In 1822 the Macquarie Harbour Penal Settlement was born on Sarah Island. It was one of the first places that the British would use “Behavior Modification” techniques to root out the moral depravity of criminal classes. The settlement was closed in 1833, was it successful? You decide, on your journey of discovery.

Strahan is now among the top tourist destinations of the world. It is the step off point for the South West World Heritage area, taking in the stillness of the Gordon River, the 30 Km stretch of Ocean Beach which beautifully frames the Great Southern Ocean and the Roaring Forties and just when you thought your senses had been stretched, the stunning views of the King River Gorge while taking a ride on the West Coast Wilderness Railway will leave you breathless.

Historically Strahan has been a port to a small fishing fleet that braves the west coast conditions and Hell's Gates. It is the nearest inhabited locality to Cape Sorell and is literally the 'gateway' to the south-west wilderness - as boats, planes and helicopters utilise Strahan as their base when travelling into the region.
The Huon Pine industry that utilised stands around the harbour and up the tributary rivers - including King River, the Franklin River and the Gordon River. Strahan is the base for boat trips to Sarah Island and the lower Gordon River.

It is the home of the Round Earth Theatre Company, which conducts explanatory tours of Sarah Island and also has produced a daily enactment/play about Sarah Island, The Ship That Never Was, which has exceeded 5000 performances and is Australia's longest running play.


Strahan has a mild oceanic climate with rainfall spread throughout the year. However, its wet-winter and drier summer pattern shows some characteristics of a Mediterranean climate. The highest recorded temperature in Strahan was 37.2°C on 14 February 1982, with the lowest being -3°C on 30 June 1983.