Ruggedly beautiful, the West Coast has been a Hell on Earth to many who have traversed the region.  The area is wild and wet, with much of its coastline un-landable and its rivers rage fiercely after heavy rains.

It is easy to feel isolated, for at times there may be not a single sole near you for up to 100 km or more.

Strahan, 1900

“Walking on foot through the region was difficult. A single mile through dense tangled rainforest, or alonga razorback mountain ridge, was the equivalent of many miles on horseback across open country of the main continent"

Kerry Pink. The West Coast Story.

As the gateway to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, the port town of Strahan is listed as one of the Top Tourist Destinations In the World.

Established as the only safe port on the whole coast, Strahan once provided access to the famous Mt Lyell Copper Mine, the Huon pine industry’s Gordon and Franklin Rivers and was home to storekeepers, millers, drovers, fisherman, railway fettlers and wharfies.

Today, many of the old mines are closed, the pining industry is mainly based on souvenirs and the majority of the mighty railways have been pulled up.